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Great bars—the kind you’d visit every day if it weren’t for what life throws at you—excel at mirroring their neighborhoods. And for a damn fine beer bar, we couldn’t think of a better Houston borough than Montrose.

Take Westheimer (our beer joint’s street), for example. Houston’s most famous thoroughfare is named after a German immigrant who built Houston’s first public school on his own dime, raised 16 children, spoke six languages, and maintained a large plot of land just west of Montrose. Among his many professions, Westheimer was a hay merchant, and 150 years later, we’d like to think that we’re pushing grains of a different sort.

Better Beer

The beers of Westheimer’s era were predominantly offered as alternatives to unsanitary Houston water. Fortunately, there are some pretty amazing brews being crafted these days, especially in Texas.

These remarkable brewers take the crafting of beer very seriously, and we try to do them justice by taking the serving of beers just as seriously. As a testament to their energies, we’ve gone to painstaking efforts to ensure that our beers are always served at the proper temperature, with the correct pressure and gas mix, in appropriate glassware, and by folks who know what the hell they’re talking about. At The Hay Merchant, you’ll not only find a ridiculous selection of well-chosen beers, they’ll taste better than they do anywhere else. We’re not bragging! OK, maybe a little bit … but isn’t taste the whole reason you’re into craft brews and not drinking some watered-down crap from a Super Bowl commercial?