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Thursday – Saturday 11AM – 2AM
Happy Hour: Daily 11AM - Noon and 3PM – 6:30PM
Happy Hour Specials: 30 beers for $3 each, $5 beer and a shot
21+ after 9pm Th-Sat

Mud Turtle Program

We’re obsessed with learning as much as possible about beer. And the best way to do that, we’ve found, is to drink it. In response to this thirst for hoppy knowledge, we’ve established the Mud Turtle Program.

Why “Mud Turtle?” Well at one point, Houstonians were actually mocked as “Mud Turtles” throughout the rest of Texas because of how filthy our city was. We had no clean water, no streets, and a significant portion of our population was drunk at any given point in time because one of the only sanitary beverages was beer (certainly not bayou water).

Register as part of the Mud Turtle Program and begin to learn about delicious beers as you drink them. There are also some great prizes involved. Want to go to Belgium on our dime? You can make it happen. Do they even have turtles in Belgium? Who knows!? But we promise that as you climb the Mud Turtle ranks, you’ll learn a ton about beer and appreciate it more than ever.

Another fundamental personality trait of Houstonians is our competitive nature. Few other cities would have made it through those Turtle Days without a group of real stubborn sons ‘a bitches. In this spirit, advancing through the program’s levels will depend on your ability to challenge other Mud Turtles to blind tastings. We’ll make sure to keep track of the Mud Turtle Top 25 at all times so you can be sure to know where you stand in the Turtle Hierarchy.

Mud Turtle Rankings

  1. Anonymous2040 L8
  2. Danny1373 L7
  3. rocketscientist11316 L7
  4. lemonkev950 L7
  5. Phil_S796 L7
  6. eblkbrn738 L6
  7. SPfromTX650 L6
  8. Dpainter641 L6
  9. ShakenNotStirred567 L6
  10. Butcher510 L6

Mud Turtle Levels And Prizes

&Identify 5 styles accurately out of 10 beer samples.
&Identify 10 styles accurately out of 15 beer samples.
&Identify 5 beers accurately out of 10 beer samples.
PRIZEHay Merchant T-shirt
&Identify 10 beers accurately out of 15 beer samples.
PRIZEGlassware set
&Identify 15 beers accurately out of 18 beer samples. Pass Cicerone Level 1 test.
PRIZEEmbroidered shirt
&Beat a fellow Level-5 Mud Turtle in a Hay Merchant taste-off.
PRIZECeramic growler
&Beat a fellow Level 6 Mud Turtle in a Hay Merchant taste-off.
PRIZEBe Our Guest: 2 passes to any Hay Merchant or Underbelly beer dinner
&Beat a fellow Level-7 Mud Turtle in a Hay Merchant taste-off.
&Beat a fellow Level-8 Mud Turtle in a Hay Merchant taste-off.
PRIZEPrivate dinner for 12 people at Hay Merchant
&Beat Stew Martin or Dusty Brittain in a Hay Merchant taste-off.
PRIZETrip to Belgium